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April 1, 2014

Real Bad Lectures: Adventures in Academic Listening

LectureThis innovative course gives students authentic experience with the range of listening challenges faced in real classrooms, while building the language skills and listening strategies needed in an academic setting

 If students understand these lectures, they will be prepared for anything

Watch a Real Bad Lecture here!

Unit 1: Wake me when it’s over
Rhetorical feature: Tedium – Lecturer presents a boring perspective and speaks in a monotone.
Language focus: Lack of intonation, unstressed and less stressed syllables
Listening strategy: Awakeness techniques

Unit 2: Technical difficulties
Rhetorical feature: Interruption – Lecturer tries and fails to use cutting-edge technology to enhance student learning.
Language focus: Apologies and requests for assistance
Listening strategy: Ignoring audio-visuals

Unit 3: That reminds me …
Rhetorical feature: Rambling – Lecturer digresses from the topic to tell irrelevant stories and personal anecdotes.
Language focus: Personal narrative
Listening strategy: Polite interruptions

Unit 4: Wait a sec!
Rhetorical feature: Disorganization – Lecturer constantly mis-states facts, confuses issues, and has to correct self.
Language focus: Correction and repair techniques
Listening strategy: Checking for clarification

Unit 5: If you don’t believe me …
Rhetorical feature: Information Overload – Lecturer gives too many statistics, facts, and citations to prove every statement, as if students wouldn’t believe her.
Language focus: Hedging
Listening strategy: Really fast note taking

Unit 6: We’re in the fourth down
Rhetorical feature: Jargon – Lecturer constantly uses colloquial expressions and metaphors from American football.
Language focus: Idioms
Listening strategy: Using a dictionary while listening

Unit 7: Time to retire
Rhetorical feature: Autopilot – Lecturer doesn’t notice when the pages of the lecture are in the wrong order.
Language focus: Transition words to signal the relationship between ideas
Listening strategy: Making inferences

Unit 8: A penguin walks into a bar
Rhetorical feature: Comedy – Lecturer relies on puns and inappropriate jokes to keep the students’ attention.
Language focus: Synonyms and wordplay
Listening strategy: Doodling

If you’ve made it this far…

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone!

Photo credit: Math lecture at TKK.JPG by Tungsten is free of known copyright restrictions.

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